shannonShannon Miller knew she wanted to be in the beauty industry even as a young child. At 17 years of age, Shannon got her first opportunity with Safire McMillan Canale Salon located in Malibu, California. She moved up from initially being the front desk receptionist, to shampoo girl and ultimately being an understudy of Bernie Safire himself. Mr. Safire was considered a friend, mentor and also introduced Shannon to some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities. But through her mentorship with Safire, she started to realize that skin and makeup was her passion, not so much hair.

Shannon went abroad to attend college in Australia. Nineteen, at this point in her life, she worked freelance at numerous salons in Australia. It was somewhat difficult for she because while she loved the career she was making for herself, but her heart remained back home in the U.S.

When Shannon arrived back to the U.S., she was quickly able to secure a position working for MAC in South Carolina. This was the next step in her dream career and she felt like she was on the right path. But again she realized that something was missing. While she truly loved making people look their best, she longed for a more personal relationship with her clients.

This made way for the next chapter in Shannon’s life by moving to Florida and attending Florida College of Natural Health to obtain an Esthetician license. By gaining her license, it allows Shannon to not only help women look the best with make-up, but it also allowed her to educate her clients on how to maintain a beautiful canvas with which to create any look respective of the occasion.

The occasions include, but are not limited to:

Faces By Shannon is a representation of the knowledge and experience that Shannon has gained through the years and around the world. Her work has graced the faces of models through commercials, photo shoots, makeup lessons and work with talent agencies. Shannon always aims to be professional, and her passion for the beauty industry gets even stronger with every client.

Behind the scenes with Shannon!